The Dad Hat Trend

Cool people today like the celebrities you’ll uncover inside the dad_markie Insagram feed. As an illustration, the image above of Spike Lee. Final year, Spike was at Lids Headquarters working on a advertising collaboration. Spike was given a Yankees dad hat autographed by the King of Dad Hat. Spike appreciated the humor. Also pictured above is Edwin Jackson, the Colts player who was killed by a drunk driver earlier this year. Doug describes him as “one from the most humble, down to earth guys I’ve ever met.”

The King of Dad Hats

Being known as the King of Dad Hats is far more than just bravado. Due to the size in the Lids Corporation, Doug definitely would be the biggest buyer of dad hats within the industry. He works straight with 47 Brand and New Era to create dad hats for the far more than 1100 Lids stores across the U.S. and an extra 150 all through Canada. That is ideal, the King of Dad Hats is international! Speaking with Doug, the appreciate for his job really shows. When asked about the ideal part of becoming the King of Dad Hats Doug says, ”The part I enjoy by far the most, I genuinely take pleasure in designing the hats. It is so cool to view persons wearing them and consider hey, I designed that!”


Ready to jump on the dad trend?

Ready to jump on the dad trend? Then tuck in that tshirt, proudly wear those pleated khakis and chunky white New Balance kicks, and throw in your favourite dad hat. It just could be a single designed by this Brownsburg boy turned headwear king.

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